Environmental Toxins & Autism

Autism is the most diagnosed neurodevelopmental disorder of children and yet more NIH funding is spend on diseases such as cancer. According to Dr. Stephanie Seneff, it is predicted that within 5 years every other boy born in the United States will be diagnosed with autism. There are several companies are not on board with how their products might be influencing the health of an entire generation of children.

One of the biggest contributing causes to the rapid increase in autism is correlated to the amount of toxins in the household and environment.   Environmental toxins can disrupt the microbiome of the gut, causing inflammation, leaky gut, and autoimmunity, which then leads to chronic diseases.

Your body has the ability to process several toxins simultaneously, but over time these toxins can cause damage to these detox pathways and therefore decrease the body’s ability to process these toxins, then they build up. Think of this as a bucket that keeps getting filled up, eventually it will tip over. This is termed as body burden. Whether its household cleaners, pesticides, laundry detergent, metals, or lawn and garden fertilizer. These chemicals are absorbed into your body and can ultimately affect your health and wellbeing. Check out what the CDC says about body burden here.

How are these chemicals absorbed into the body?

  • The skin
  • Respiratory tract
  • Digested

The Skin

The Integumentary system or skin is the largest organ in our body. It is designed to regulate our body temperature, and protect our inner organs. By doing this, humans are able to absorb radiation from the sun and chemicals through the tiny pores in our skin. This is especially more so if you have any skin breakdown, such as eczema. Then the skin integrity is impaired and more penetrable. Some of the items you can absorb through the skin are chemicals and uv rays.

Respiratory Tract

Absorbing chemicals through the respiratory tract is another way. Think of all those powerful chemical cleaning agents with the pine or lemon odor they leave behind. You are inhaling those smells, which translates into some chemical compound. Those chemicals can make sensitive kids react in a whole host of ways. The smell might burn the back of their throat, irritate the nose, causing running noses or sneezing, coughing, or inflammation of the respiratory tract, wheezing, bring on a headache or nausea. Same goes with cigarette smoke, or factory chemicals. If the detoxification pathway is blocked, then these chemical compounds cannot be excreted by the body and build up, causing more issues.


Now you’re probably thinking, who is going to intentionally digest chemicals? Hopefully nobody, but think of all the things kids put in their mouths. If you wash your floor with a harsh cleaning chemical and your child is crawling, then they are going to be putting their hands in their mouth and bingo, they are ingesting some part of that product. Think about the food that is sprayed with RoundUp which you then cook up for your family to eat, what are those pesticides doing to your body. Think about that lawn company you hire to spray your lawn to make it green, your kids are running through with bare feet and rcleaning-932936_1920olling around. Your pets are rolling in the grass, everyone pets the dogs and puts their hands to their mouths ingesting these pesticides and harmful chemicals. Do that multiple times over the course of a day and your toxic load shoots up.

Think about the squirt of dishwasher detergent your loading into your dishwasher. What is that stuff actually made out of? And if your feeding your kids on plastic plates, how much of those chemicals are being absorbed into that plastic plate? Reheat some leftovers in the microwave, and whalla…you just added some toxic chemical to your child’s dinner.

How to reduce your family’s toxic burden

  • Go green with your cleaning products
  • Check out Everyday Mom’s Green Cleaning products here
  • Stop using pesticides like Roundup
  • Use organic pesticides like Diatomaceous earth
  • Remove plastic dishes
  • Remove aluminum cookware


It is essential to reduce the toxic load for you and your family as a way to reduce chronic medical problems, autoimmunity, and neurodenegrative disorders like autism. The health of your family and future depend on it.


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