Why Autism Parents Need Life Coaches

Why Autism Parents Need Life Coaches

Everyone knows that parenting is one of the hardest jobs on the planet.  Parents are entrusted with the responsibility to ensure their child grows up to be a functional member of society.  Autistic children are challenging to raise because they learn in different ways, but the goal is no differnt.  This makes raising an autistic child to be a functional member of society a more daunting task, which can be frustrating, exhausting, and confounding at times.  Parents of autistic children are amazing!  They are able to juggle multiple family issues including a medically fragile child, navigate the landscape, and deal with what family, friends and society dole out toward them about their child on the spectrum.

Parents of autistic children have tons of hopes, dreams, and goals for their children.  This is where a life coach is essential to the parents.  According to Jaclyn Hunt, a Autism and Special Needs Life Coach, a life coach is that added professional who can reinforce the long-term goal of independence for the autistic child.

Benefits of a Life Coach for Parents

  • Dealing with new diagnosis of Autism
  • Increased understanding of Autism
  • Learn about the biomedical approaches to recover your autistic child
  • Appropriate goal setting
  • Parental encouragement to keep fighting to recover your child
  • Learning how to care for your own needs so you can care for your autistic child
  • Develop more effective parenting skills specifically targeted for your autistic child
  • Decrease stress levels in the home
  • Set approach expectations individually based on your child’s issues


The biggest reason that parents of autistic children need life coaching is hope.  Proverbs 13 is the key: “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”  That one proverb, pretty much sums up the whole reason we fight for our children.  Parents need hope to recover their children from this awful disorder.


Ask any parent who has a child on the spectrum and they can pretty much tell you the exact date that they first suspected their child has autism.  They may not have formal training as a developmental pediatrician, but they know their child intimately to the point that they know when things started to change for them.  Once a diagnosis of autism is given, it is such a shock to the parents and it’s easy to develop guilt because you think you did something to cause your child’s autism.  Parents cannot get sucked into that line of thinking!  Doing so will only slow down the recovery of your child.  This is a great place for a life coach to come and encourage you.

Mary Romaniec, author of Victory Over Autism, developed a 12-step process to overcoming guilt in our lives.  Step 8 spoke out to me; “Accept that guilt is born from our fear of being perceived inadequate, especially in our own eyes, and the eyes of others.”  Fear is a tool used against us to keep us disconnected and away from our destiny.  Hiring a life coach is a good way to keep parents motivated, encouraged, and on the road to recovery.

Start Today

As Jon Acuff, so eloquently put it in his book, Punch Fear In The Face, Escape Average, Do Work That Matters, Start (longest title ever!).  That’s exactly what we have to do, start today by punching fear in the face and start the journey of recovering your child from autism.  No one is more ready for the fight than you!


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